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5 DIY Weapons Storage Fails

Posted August 19, 2016 | by Argos Security

DIY Weapons Storage Fail - Wooden Blocks

The DIY (do-it-yourself) industry is booming. It has spawned numerous books, TV shows, videos, websites, and more. With the right resources, you can “DIY” just about anything, though it is not always recommended.

Take weapons storage, for example. You can construct DIY weapons storage, but if security and efficiency are your goals, DIY isn’t always the way to go.

We’ve seen a lot of interesting things on the road and heard a lot of stories, including these DIY weapons storage fails:

1.      Wooden Blocks

With only wooden blocks keeping weapons upright and from crashing into each other, this DIY weapons storage tactic fails on safety and efficiency. Not only do you have to worry about one of your weapons tipping and causing a domino effect with a lot of damage, you also have to deal with slower, less efficient deployment.

2.      Bungee Cord

An empty shelf or cabinet can be a great place to store weapons, as long as they are secured correctly. Recessed wall lockers or secure personal lockers can fit on your empty shelf and if your cabinet is an Argos Cabinet, your weapons storage is good to go.

That wasn’t the case in this DIY weapons storage fail – instead of fitted lockers and secure cabinets, it was stacked rifles with a bungee cord across the space to keep them from falling. Weapons easily slipped past the bungee and onto the floor anyway, plus it made inventory, cleaning, repair, and deployment very difficult.

DIY Weapons Storage Fails - Bungee Cords

3.      Bent Nails

Nails are great for hanging stuff, except weapons. Long nails hammered into the wall and bent slightly in order to hang components, gear, or mount weapons is a weapons storage fail waiting to happen. Nails can begin to slip out of their place causing damage to gear and weapons as they fall. There is no security with bent nails, so anyone walking through can simply pick up what they what from the wall and walk away with it. Could you imagine needing to take inventory or prepare for deployment with a system like this?

DIY Weapons Storage Fails - Bent Nails

4.      Wooden Racks

For straight-up display, wooden racks aren’t bad. However, they’re not known for security, so though they may pass in the residential sector, they don’t meet the security standards for weapons storage in the military, police, and security sectors.

5.      PVC pipes

Thankfully, this one is more popular for the storage of toy guns, instead of actual weapons. However, it happens. PVC pipe is cheap and easy to get and to work with; it’s just not very good when it comes to security. It’s plastic piping in an open rack format with no great way to secure weapons in place or keep them from falling into the wrong hands. In this case, it’s better to get a weapons storage rack for your real guns and leave the PVC pipes for your toy guns.

There are a lot of weapons storage options out there, both from storage solution providers and DIY sources. Not all DIY options are fails (we’re looking at you hidden gun storage furniture), but if you have security standards and protocols to meet, you’re much better off sticking with NSN racks and cabinets or custom work from a vetted weapons storage solutions provider.

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