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Posted June 17, 2015 | by webtech

What better way to promote gun safety than to sell safe storage solutions along with firearms? The best time to think about gun safety is when someone is purchasing a weapon. Offering a range of secure storage options as part of the purchase is a great way to boost sales and revenues and help customers safeguard their firearms.

With the continued growth of weapons sales in the U.S., Argos has been expanding our presence in the market, forming new partnerships with online and brick-and-mortar dealers and distributors.


Argos joins Global Industrial
More than 100 products from our Argos line are already available on the website of Global Industrial. Global Industrial sells more than $400 million in products each year to companies, institutions, government agencies and consumers through its eCommerce site as well as through email and direct mail catalogs. Argos open firearm racks, recessed storage cabinets and accessories such as ammo bins are all available on the site, which features more than one million products from hundreds of suppliers. We’re excited about the opportunity to partner with one of the country’s most successful eCommerce companies.


New Dealer Partnerships
We’re also capitalizing on opportunities to grow with some new online dealers. Gulf State Distributors, a Montgomery, Alabama law enforcement supplier, will be adding Argos storage to its online offerings soon. Last Stand Readiness and Tactical , a preparedness outfitter in California, will also be marketing Argos products in the near future.

In addition, we’re expanding our presence through dealers with traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Element Arms will soon be selling Argos products to customers online and through its store in Big Lake, Minnesota. L.C. Action Police Supply, a San Jose gun supplier specializing in products for law enforcement, emergency responders and individual consumers, is also offering Argos to its customers with great success.


Sell Secure Weapons Solutions
From direct mail to eCommerce to neighborhood stores, we’re excited about the opportunity to continue to build our business and reach new customers in new ways. Contact us today if you’re interested in providing secure weapons storage solutions from Argos to your customers.

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