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Argos Security Corrections Facilities

High-security correctional facilities and detention centers have a variety of storage needs for all of the weapons and gear used by corrections officers and personnel. For these environments, Argos Security offers a complete line of racks, cabinets, lockers, and mobile and high-density storage options that can accommodate a broad range of weapons from large rifles to small pistols. Locker options can also store and organize personnel gear, including uniforms, boots, helmets, radios, and more, and every product is completely customizable for your storage items and available space.

Learn How to Identify the Right Storage for Your Correctional Facility

Proper storage can help ease the burden of overcrowding by making better use of space. More space means more room for healthcare, drug rehabilitation, training, and other services that can have a significant impact on recidivism. Learn what to look for when specifying storage for correctional facilities by downloading our white paper.

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Argos Security offers a full range of customizable storage solutions for all of your weapons and gear. We’ll also support you with product justifications, specs, and pricing that meet your specific budget requirements.

  • Pistol storage
  • Rifle storage
  • Ammunition storage
  • Non-lethal weapons storage
  • Training equipment storage
  • Electronic device storage
  • Personal lockers
  • Evidence storage
  • Impounded item storage
  • Document and record storage

Argos Security carries state contracts in the following states. To learn more about our state contracts, contact an Argos Security representative at 855-893-2766 or sales [at] argosweaponstorage [dot] com.

  • Alabama
  • Connecticut
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Wisconsin
  • Virginia (Fairfax County)

Argos Security also carries a GSA Contract.

Argos Security Solutions for Corrections

Weapon Racks for Open Storage

Argos Weapons Security Racks

Designed for the open storage of weapons and other gear in a secured room environment. Makes stored items readily accessible and provides flexible heights and widths for easy adjustment to changing storage needs.

Customizable Weapon Cabinets for Weapons, Ammunition & Gear

bi-fold door weapon storage cabinets 50" height and 36"

Completely customizable and equipped to store weapons, ammunition, gear, and accessories in various configurations. Features heavy-duty steel construction and a wide selection of components.

Recessed Weapon Lockers, Cadet Lockers, and Pistol Lockers

Recessed Storage Locker

For the secure storage of pistols, cellphones, and a variety of other personal items and gear. Durable construction and options make lockers ideal for intended contents from rifles and ammunition to pistols and gear.

GearStor Lockers For Personnel, Gear & Tactical Storage

GearStor 2 Door Gear Cabinet

Secure, organized storage of equipment that’s ready for rapid deployment. Single- and double-door designs, ventilated or non-ventilated options, optional drawer base with hardwood bench, and a variety of reconfigurable accessories.

High-Density Weapon Storage

MobileTrak Systems

Seamlessly integrate weapon and gear cabinets and racks into a mobile and high-density storage system to maximize storage using minimal space. Combine any of our cabinets or racks with our MobileTrak® or TrakSlider™ systems

Versatile Workspace Armorer’s Bench

Argos Armorer's Bench

A multi-purpose, adaptable work station for military, law enforcement, or contractor weapon repair and maintenance. Features heavy duty steel construction and a solid, durable work surface that can stand up to hard use.

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