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Firearm Theft Illustrates Need for Secure Weapon Storage

Posted November 6, 2014 | by Argos Security

Thieves recently smashed through the wall of a Washington state gun store and stole some 30 Springfield Armory pistols along with receivers, magnifiers and scopes for high-powered rifles, according to an article from KOMO-4 TV News. The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF) quickly launched a hunt to try to recover the weapons.

Theft Poses Serious Public Safety Risks
The ATF was particularly concerned about the danger posed by the theft from Quantico Tactical in Lakewood. “It’s obviously a criminal element who stole the firearms,” ATF officer Brian Bennett told KOMO. “We fear that they will be used in violent crimes. We’d like any help we can to get those guns off the street. . . . We want to get the guns off the street more than the prosecution.”

Assistant Police Chief Mike Zaro agreed. “Any firearm theft is cause for concern, but when you have them stolen en masse like this—especially by somebody who looks fairly organized—that is definitely cause for concern [due to the] many different hands that those guns can get into,” he said to KOMO.

Protecting Firearms While Allowing Rapid Deployment
Clearly criminals will go to great lengths to access a stockpile of weapons. And securing entrances to facilities simply isn’t enough to thwart a coordinated attack.

Argos gun cabinets, racks and pistol lockers close this critical security gap. Our systems provide organized storage for a range of weapons, ammunition and tactical gear, allowing rapid deployment as well as maximum security. With an Argos system, you won’t have to worry about your weapons falling into the wrong hands—and you’ll be able to get them into the right hands more quickly when they’re needed.

Complete Protection
Our systems are customizable to fit your individual needs and facilities. With a custom Argos weapons storage system, you can rest assured that your weapons are doing what they were designed to do: protect your personnel and the citizens who count on them for protection.