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Secure Weapon Storage is Essential for Hunters & Collectors

Posted December 5, 2014 | by Argos Security

A recent string of thefts underscores the importance of protecting guns used for hunting, shooting and other outdoor activities. Two teenagers burglarized seasonal camps surrounding Lower Oxbrook Lake in Maine, stealing guns, chainsaws, hunting bows, two-way radios, tools and an all-terrain vehicle. They worked their way through four different camps before being caught.

Hunting camps and cabins are prime targets for robbery because they are located in remote areas, frequently unoccupied and likely to contain guns and other useful gear. They’re such easy marks that many hunters have resorted to mounting security cameras to deter thieves while they’re away.

All Remote Locations are At Risk
In fact, any unoccupied building in a remote location is attractive to thieves because they can move freely without worrying about being seen. This goes beyond vacation homes and residences to shops, resorts, recreational facilities and other businesses located in isolated areas. If thieves suspect that guns are available in a place where they can move about undetected, breaking in becomes a gamble worth taking.

Protecting Your Guns and Gear
Wherever you regularly store guns, whether for hunting, shooting or collecting, it pays to invest in secure storage. Padlocking an ordinary cabinet or locker is not enough to deter most thieves where guns are concerned. Locking doors and windows won’t do it, either. You need dedicated weapon storage constructed with durable materials, tamper-resistant hinges and secure locks. This ensures that thieves who get past your building security will not be able to clear out your weapon collection and run.

Preventing Tragedy
Secure storage protects hunters, collectors and other gun owners from more than theft. It protects them from the tragedies that can result when weapons fall into the wrong hands. Even well-intentioned friends, family members and guests can be a hazard when they handle guns without permission and supervision. You can be sure your collection and gear is safe from exploration by using appropriate storage.

What to Look for in Gun Storage

  • Is it not portable. A padlocked cash box or safe that can be carried is not secure.
  • Features tamper resistant locks, doors and hinges.
  • Is made with steel or other Impervious materials.

Storage Solutions
Argos Security by Datum offers secure solutions to suit any environment and any size of collection, from individual pistol lockers to secure cabinets and open rack systems for armories. With the proper storage, you can be sure that your weapons are available and ready when you need them and safely locked down when you don’t.