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Weapon Storage News

Kentucky Air National Guard

Louisville, Kentucky

The Kentucky Air National Guard needed to expand and make the most of the storage area where they housed aircraft survival equipment.

The end goal was to consolidate space so that additional training supplies could be stored, to include Pelican storage cases, response gear, parachutes, ML-4 survival kits, and more. Regular shelving as well as specialized mounting areas for certain types of gear were requested in order to store certain supplies in a way that would prolong their life and make them easy to access.

Storage Solution
A MobileTrak5® housing 4Post™ shelving and custom designed racks and components was installed to achieve their goal.
The high density system reduced the footprint of their original storage area by over 40%, providing plenty of room for future expansion. This allowed the add-on room to be used for work and training, rather than storage.
The custom racks were designed specifically to hang parachutes. The previous system they used to hang their parachutes was extremely bulk and didn’t store enough.
The new system more than adequately met the Kentucky Air National Guard’s storage needs and provided them space for training and future expansion.

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