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South Windsor Police Department

South Windsor, Connecticut

The South Windsor Police Department needed to increase the storage capacity of their records department.

They wanted a space efficient system, with room for future growth, and an aesthetically pleasing set up, as the area could be seen through a window into the building’s lobby.

Storage Solution
The solution was a MobileTrak3® equipped with 4Post™ shelving and drawers. The standard shelving housed end tab and red rope folders while the partitioned drawers housed arrest tickets and other small documents.

The system was set up with dual controls, meaning the carriages could be moved from either end, and one single faced carriage could be used to lock down the entire system.

The shelving on the end stationary carriage was secured with locking hinged doors to keep the contained records secured.

The new system allowed for future growth and created floor space for other uses all while helping the department organize their important records.

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