Custom Military cabinet and rack weapon storage solutions designed
with interchangeable components to fit your needs!

Load it up, Lock it down

Maximum security and maximum level of readiness go hand in hand. Weapons, ammunition, computers, protective gear – you need them read to mobilize, but remain secure when not in use.

Argos’ uniquely versatile cabinet & rack solutions provide all of that, with heavy duty welded steel construction and a wide selection of components, you can easily accommodate virtually any type of equipment and store it worry-free.

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Solution Installations

  • Kentucky Air National Guard

    Louisville, Kentucky

    The Kentucky Air National Guard needed to expand and make the most of the storage area where they housed aircraft survival equipment. The end goal was to consolidate space so that additional training supplies could be stored, to include Pelican storage cases, response gear, parachutes, ML-4 survival kits, and more. Regular shelving as well as specialized mounting areas for certain types of gear were requested in order […]

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