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Recessed Storage Lockers, Cadet Lockers, and Pistol Lockers

Secure Storage

Argos LockerArgos Security Lockers are designed for the secure storage of pistols, cellphones, and a variety of other personal items and gear. Durable construction and options make every Argos Security Locker ideal for its intended contents from rifles and ammunition to pistols and personal gear.

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Recessed Storage Lockers

The Recessed Storage Locker is a semi-concealed, in-wall storage unit with interchangeable components that are easily configurable for your needs.  Shelves are available for general storage, or you can choose our specially designed weapons storage components to store rifles, pistols, and more.  The Recessed Storage Locker is designed to fit between and be anchored into wall studs for added security.  The full height, piano-hinged door prevents tampering and has two different locking options.

Recessed Storage Locker

RSL-1816, -1816EL
W – 16″, H – 18″, D – 3-3/16″, Total Depth 4″

RSL-1824, -1824EL
W – 24″, H – 18″, D – 3-3/16″, Total Depth 4″

RSL-3616, -3616EL
W – 16″, H – 36″, D – 3-3/16″, Total Depth 4″

RSL-3624, -3624EL
W – 24″, H – 36″, D – 3-3/16″, Total Depth 4″


  • Key or digital codelock options available
  • Left hand door hinge, reversible in the field
  • Designed to anchor to wall studs for added security
  • 16 gauge steel door
  • Fully hinged door deters unwanted entry
  • Two locking options for convenience and security
  • Can be installed with hinge on left or right
  • Components include full- and half-width shelves and pistol and rifle accessories
  • Product configurable for varying storage needs
  • Lifetime warranty

Pistol Lockers

The Pistol Locker is designed for the secure storage of pistols, cellphones, and other gear and personal items. Small locking compartments are perfect for weapons check-ins, courthouses, and other areas where temporary storage and security is needed.

Argos Pistol Lockers

Single Tier Wall/Rack Mounted Lockers
W – 12″, H – 5″, D – 8″

4 Tier Wall/Rack Mounted Lockers
W – 12″, H – 23″, D – 8″

6 Tier Wall/Rack Mounted Lockers
W – 12″, H – 33″, D – 8″


  • Standard or enhanced key lock
  • Hasp for padlock
  • Digital lock
  • Heavy-duty hinge and 16-gauge door
  • Welded cabinet, 18-gauge steel
  • Group for increased capacity
  • Mounting lances in rear facilitate compatibility with weapons cabinets or personnel lockers, adapter plate needed for 4 Tier and 6 Tier
  • Tiers can be keyed differently
  • Available with enhanced locks and electronic locks
  • Rubber inserts protect stored weapons and other items
  • Can be wall-mounted or under desk top
  • Lifetime warranty


Argos Security Weapon Storage Brochure