Weapon Storage News

Specifying Storage for Correctional Facilities

Today’s correctional facilities must proactively address overcrowding and claim more space to provide critical services that can decrease violence, enhance public safety, and reduce recidivism.  Every element that goes into the design of a correctional facility has to meet a specific need, and it has to do so safely and efficiently. Specifying the right storage […]

Argos Security by Datum Introduces GearStor Locker for Personnel, Gear, and Tactical Storage

YORK, PA (January 31, 2018) – Argos Security by Datum, a manufacturer of racks, cabinets, lockers, and mobile and high-density storage systems for weapons and gear, now offers GearStor, a new product in its line of storage lockers. GearStor lockers are designed for personnel, gear, and tactical storage for military, law enforcement, and security professionals […]

Datum Storage Solutions Announces Rebranding of Its Argos Security Line

YORK, PA (December 19, 2018) – Datum Storage Solutions, a manufacturer of high density storage systems for markets such as healthcare, corporate, and education, has announced that its Argos Security by Datum line of weapons and gear storage products is being reintroduced as a distinctive brand within the Datum family of products. As part of […]

Argos Security to Attend 2019 SHOT Show in Las Vegas

Argos Security to Attend 2019 SHOT Show in Las Vegas Argos Security by Datum, a manufacturer of racks, cabinets, lockers, and mobile and high-density storage systems for weapons and gear, will attend the 2019 SHOT Show in Las Vegas in January. The SHOT Show is a high-profile trade show that includes more than 650 exhibits […]

Equipment Storage Locker Installation: Palmyra Police Department

When the Palmyra Police Department’s facility was built in the 1990s, the men’s and women’s locker rooms were designed with school-type lockers that measured 12 inches wide by 12 inches deep. Over the years, this locker size became insufficient for storing each officer’s uniforms and law enforcement equipment. The Department wanted to replace the existing personal storage lockers and corresponding bench seats with a larger storage solution…

Single-Hinge Door vs Bi-Fold Door Weapons Storage Cabinet – Product Comparison

You’re faced with two weapons storage cabinets. One has single-hinge doors and the other has bi-fold doors, but which one is right for you and does it really matter as long as your weapons are secure? The answer to that depends on your situation and unique storage needs. Delve deeper into the differences between single-hinge and bi-fold to discover which is the right solution for you.

Weapons Storage Installation: Costa Mesa Police Department

Costa Mesa Police Department had an unorganized and unsecured method for storing their extra handguns and long guns. With security as a top priority, they began looking for a different solution. Take a closer look at how the Argos team stepped in and came to the rescue.

5 DIY Weapons Storage Fails

With all the resources available, you can “DIY” just about anything. But, just because you, doesn’t always mean you should. Take these 5 DIY weapons storage fails as evidence of that.

Argos Standardized Products for Efficient Purchasing

Standardized or pre-configured products, sometimes classified as NSN products, can offer a solution to more efficient purchasing, especially when it comes to quickly outfitting a large armory or barrack. See how pre-configured products offer quicker turnaround in every step of the process.

ArgosSECURITY™ Pistol Lockers – Product Overview

Argos Pistol Lockers are designed for handling the secure, temporary storage of pistols, cellular phones and other small items. Whether for weapons check-ins, courthouses, or other areas, these pistol lockers are perfect for anywhere secure, temporary storage is needed. With heavy duty construction and plenty of options, you can get exactly what you need and ensure it fits any storage capacity.

Argos Weapons Cabinet Takes Home Gold in NTOA Review

In 2015, the Argos team submitted the Argos Weapons Cabinet to the NTOA Member Tested and Recommended Program (MTRP). Of the 13 categories in the program, 11 were applicable for testing a weapons cabinet. After thorough, real world testing, the Argos Weapons Cabinet received a perfect score across all tests and was awarded the NTOA MTRP gold logo. Check it out!

ArgosSECURITY™ TA-50 Economy Equipment Locker – Product Overview

The new TA-50 Economy Equipment Locker is the ideal solution for storing government or military equipment and personal effects. With heavy-duty construction and several options, these lockers are built to last and provide all the storage you need. With the TA-50 on your side, your weapons, gear and personal effects stay secure, protected and easily accessible at a moment’s notice.

5 Benefits of a Weapons Storage Cabinet

The right weapons storage solution keeps security a top priority, without sacrificing accessibility or efficiency. Serving and protecting keeps you busy. You shouldn’t have to worry whether or not your weapons, gear, accessories, ammunition or personal effects are secure, or whether or not you’ll be able to get to them in time during an emergency. When it comes to what matters, how does your weapons storage solution stack up?

Argos Universal Weapons Racks for Efficient Weapon Storage

Universal Weapons Racks keep your weapons and gear readily accessible, so your team can mobilize quickly. They’re designed for use in secured rooms or facilities for efficient, open storage that keeps your weapons both secure and readily accessible when you need them. Custom options and several preconfigured options are available to get you the storage you need in the space you have available.

ArgosSECURITY™ Armorer’s Bench – Product Overview

The Argos Armorer’s Bench is built with the user in mind; so, it’s the perfect addition to any armory for efficient weapon repair and maintenance.

ArgosSECURITY™ Offers Several NSN Weapon Racks

NSN products make it easy to classify and vet products for your armory, base, or department. Uniformity and consistency matter in your weapon storage supplies, and NSN products help you achieve and maintain it. Our collection of NSN weapon storage racks and cabinets have been reviewed by the US Army TACOM and have met or exceeded US Army AR-190 specifications.

Argos Expands its Market Presence

What better way to promote gun safety than to sell safe storage solutions along with firearms? The best time to think about gun safety is when someone is purchasing a weapon. Offering a range of secure storage options as part of the purchase is a great way to boost sales and revenues and help customers safeguard their firearms.

Evidence Storage a Challenge for Many Police and Sheriff Departments

Tight budgets mean tight quarters for many law enforcement departments, and many are feeling the squeeze in their evidence and records storage areas. Unfortunately, crime doesn’t slow down just because department budgets are being cut back. If anything, the opposite occurs.

Tactical Gear Storage for Rapid Deployment

Today’s police officer is outfitted with more tactical gear than ever before. Keeping gear, weapons and personal items ready for fast deployment can be a challenge, particularly for departments that are working with limited space.

Secure Weapon Storage is Essential for Hunters & Collectors

A recent string of thefts underscores the importance of protecting guns used for hunting, shooting and other outdoor activities. Two teenagers burglarized seasonal camps surrounding Lower Oxbrook Lake in Maine, stealing guns, chainsaws, hunting bows, two-way radios, tools and an all-terrain vehicle. They worked their way through four different camps before being caught. Hunting camps […]

Firearm Theft Illustrates Need for Secure Weapon Storage

Thieves recently smashed through the wall of a Washington state gun store and stole some 30 Springfield Armory pistols along with receivers, magnifiers and scopes for high-powered rifles, according to an article from KOMO-4 TV News. The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF) quickly launched a hunt to try to recover the weapons.