Argos Weapon Storage & Security

Versatile solutions for all of your weapon and gear storage needs

Argos Security offers a full range of weapon cabinets, weapon racks, weapon lockers, pistol lockers, and high-density weapon storage systems for weapons and gear storage that are extremely secure, highly organized, and easily reconfigured to adapt to your changing storage needs. Our storage solutions can accommodate a variety of weapon types as well as all of the gear storage and related equipment that you need to have organized and at the ready. Argos Security products are proudly made in the USA and are backed by a lifetime warranty—the best in the industry.

Argos Rack


Universal Weapons Racks for Open Storage

Argos Cabinet


Customizable Cabinets for Weapons, Ammunition, and Gear Storage

GearStor Lockers


Personnel, Gear, and Tactical Storage Lockers

Argos cadet lockers and pistol lockers


Recessed Storage Lockers, Cadet Lockers, and Pistol Lockers

Mobile & High Density Systems

Mobile & High-Density Systems

High-Density Storage to Maximize Space

Argos Armorer's Bench

Armorer’s Bench

For Weapon Repair and Maintenance

Weapons Storage Components


Versatile Accessories for a Variety of Weapons and Gear

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Argos Security is part of Datum Storage Solutions, which has been owned and operated by the Potter family since 1968. Argos Security manufactures racks, cabinets, lockers, mobile and high-density storage systems, and armorer’s benches for weapons and gear used by military, law enforcement, correctional officers, and campus security professionals as well as collectors and gun enthusiasts.