High-Density Weapon Storage

High-Density Storage to Maximize Space

Store More Weapons and Gear in Less Space

stacked Argos single-hinge door weapons storage cabinets and bi-fold door cabinets on TrakSlider systemArgos weapon and gear cabinets and racks seamlessly integrate into our mobile and high-density storage systems to maximize storage using minimal space. Combine any of our cabinets or racks with our MobileTrak® or TrakSlider™ systems for a space-saving solution.

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MobileTrak® Systems

Condensing storage into one organized location makes weapons and gear retrieval faster and inventory easier to control. By incorporating a high-density MobileTrak storage system, you ensure that you are making the most of your available storage area. Argos cabinets and racks integrate seamlessly into the MobileTrak system, maximizing your storage space and utilizing minimal floor space. MobileTrak is also easily expandable and can be relocated should the need arise.

MobileTrak Systems

MobileTrak 3 with typical Argos Weapon Cabinets or Open Racks
D: 15″ – 30″, L: 36″ – 21′

MobileTrak 5 with typical Argos Weapon Cabinets or Open Racks
D: 15″ – 30″, L: 36″ – 50′


  • Available in fixed and mechanical carriages

Powered MobileTrak
High-density storage with push-button ease
D: 15″ – 30″, L: 36″ – 36′


  • Available electronic carriages
  • Multiple safety features included
  • Additional sizes available
  • Compatible with existing cabinets and with other Datum Shelving for additional storage requirements
  • Double your weapon and gear storage capacity within existing footprint
  • Carriage lengths up to 50 feet
  • Depths 15″ and 30″
  • Design to fit any space
  • Wide array of decking materials, colors, and laminates
  • Custom graphics available
  • Grouted, non-grouted, recessed, and seismic installation options
  • Safety features to protect personnel and property
  • Product can be customized for varying storage needs
  • Lifetime warranty

TrakSlider™ Systems

TrakSlider™ can more than double weapons and gear storage capacity by converting stationary storage units into a moveable system that require just a fraction of the original floor space. Our unique design eliminates fixed aisles between shelves, which reduces retrieval time and increases user efficiency. A variety of configurations offer a wide range of possibilities from three to fifteen shelving units, all housed within one TrakSlider™ system.

TrakSlider Systems

BI-Slider with Argos Weapon Cabinets
Systems are designed for cabinets and wide shelving


Standard depth of 15″


  • Additional sizes are available and are compatible with existing cabinets and other types of shelving for additional storage needs
  • Choose from starter or add-on track
  • Easy access to weapons and gear while maximizing storage space
  • Available in bi-slide configuration
  • Overhead anti-tip mechanism ensures safety and eases movement of shelving sections
  • One-piece, heavy-duty welded carriage
  • Leveling guides every 12 inches for maximum stability
  • Rubber end stops and smooth rolling wheels provide easy, quiet access
  • Durable, powder-coated finish
  • Product can be customized for varying storage needs
  • Lifetime warranty


Argos Security Weapon Storage Brochure